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Photos Joshua Mueller

Frank Stallone, Cliff Morrison and The Lizard Sun Band,

Lauren Wood, Michael Sembello and Marc Minarik



Frank Stallone
talks about music and his brother Sylvester Stallone.

"Where's the handbook that says: "Okay, your out-of-work, who's done a few movies, in one year will be the most famous actor in the world?"

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String Planet - The full Show

Two Masters and their Instruments: Novi Novog, Viola - Larry Tuttle, Chapman Stick

1. String Planet: In your Corner
2. Melody Lane - Part 1. Bio and history
3. Melody Lane - Part 2. ...more bio and history

4. The Show - Part 1
a] Exploring the Viola with Novi...differences between violins and cellos. [b] Exploring bows, what they're made of and their differences between instruments, (from violin to bass), and [c] how to correctly hold them.

5. The Show - Part 2
 Larry explains the Chapman Stick, as Novi offers insight into the gear they use onstage.

6. The Show - Part 3
Novi & Larry play 2 original songs live,  "The Whizzer" and "East Is West"

7. The Show - Part 4
Larry likes composing on the Stick, while Novi prefers composing on piano.  The two also discuss alternative ways to musical income including writing and performing "library" or "production music" and how it works.  Novi demonstrates creepy sound effects she's used for films such as "Friday the 13th".


8. The Show - Part 5
Novi discusses working with Frank Zappa and his preference for "Stinky", her chief Viola.  She explains how "F-holes" in the viola can pose feedback problems in live Rock and Roll usage and offers "stuff old sox" remedies.  Larry & Novi both discuss how being in "quirky bands" such as Chunky, Novi & Ernie, Zappa, Freeway Philharmonic & String Planet have their advantages and disadvantages.

9. The Show - Part 6
Top Ten TCC Questions Part One

10. The Show - Part 7
Top Ten TCC Questions Part Two, leading into "Boomerang".

11. "Carnival"


String Planet's Web Site



The Supersuckers and Steve Altman


Starving for Gravity


Starving for Gravity Promo Video


Starving for Gravity WON "Best of Fest" @ the 2008 Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival and "Best Rock Artist" @ the Hollywood Music Awards. They will be playing the Main Stage @ NAMM 2009.

Starving for Gravity are obviously not hungry for material. Their heavy-duty rock songs are intricate and powerful ... beautiful works of craftmanship... they combine Pink Floyd's musical muscle with Matchbox Twenty's vocal passion. This act could very well lead us to a new form of rock - one that is both epic and exhilarating.

 ~Bernard Baur, Review Editor - Music Connection Magazine




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