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  Jeanie "JaeCie" Cunningham.

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Take rhythm, rock and blues and add a splash of soul.  Somewhere in the mix, you'll find the music of "JaeCie". 

Working on and offstage with such greats as Ike & Tina Turner, Lionel Ritchie and David Crosby, Jeanie also has written and recorded songs as a solo artist and as a commissioned songwriter for major corporations, (Toshiba, Microsoft, Epson…), as well as for the country of Aruba.  

With the release of 7 cds and 2 performance DVDs, Jeanie continues to move forward in her musical pursuits with the new musical, DULA, from the book by playwright Paul Elliott for which she wrote 23 songs.

Jeanie is producing and starring in the show, “The Composers’ Corner”, where “we interview creators of music, dissect songs, explore new gadgets and techniques and give viewers a window into the world of music creation”. 

The first 7 episodes received critical acclaim in her native Los Angeles, and Jeanie hopes that the next episodes will reach a much wider audience.

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