Lauren Wood

composer of the Pretty Woman soundtrack Fallen.

Lauren Wood: Bio "Melody Lane"

Part 1

Lauren Wood: Bio "Melody Lane"

Part 2

Dayna Steele

author of "Rock to the top"

The Composers Corner host Jeanie Cunningham and music journalist Bernard Baur has invited Radio Personality and Author of the book "Rock to the Top" Dayna Steele into their studio.

Barry Goldberg

Hit Songwriter and Keyboardist. - Rehearsals at the Cabana Club.

Cherry Bluestorms

in The Composers Corner

Starving for Gravity

A Promo Video for the band Starving for Gravity.

A hot MySpace act with over 1 million views & plays. Starving for Gravity is one of the Rock Against Diabetes 2008 Top 10 finalist.

A young Jillian Clare (15)

Already with the right ambitions. Today she is an actress, musician, producer and director.

String Planet

Novi Novog (viola) and Larry Tuttle

Novi Novog (viola) and Larry Tuttle (Chapman stick) - String Planet plays "Boomerang"

Why Frank Zappa chose

Novi Novog and her viola

Novi Novog has performed with artists such as Frank Zappa, Aretha Franklin and The Doobie Brothers. Together Novi and Larry Tuttle form the amazing group String Planet. Both masters on their instruments - the Viola and the Chapman Stick.

Steve Altman

- musician, comedian, actor and painter

The Composers Corner interview with Steve Altman. Steve tells about his gadgets and plays "Find yourself".

Samm Brown's show "For the Record"

- How difficult it is for artists to be creative and business minded. - Why artists should not expect anyone to make them, break them or save them. - Tips on how artists can utilize their fan base.

With Bernard Baur and Jeanie Cunningham

Frank Stallone

Frank Stallone talks about his music and his brother Sylvester.

Michael Sembello (Flashdance),

Frank Stallone and Marc Minarik

at the Minarik Guitar booth NAMM 2008

Kim Kline

Back in 2007, when she won the “Top 40 Artist of the Year”

Jeanie Cunningham

of the Composers Corner

"Why did You make Me this Way"?

From Womens Festival,

Ford Amphi Theater, Los Angeles

Jamie's Harley.

Music video. JaeCie / Jeanie Cunningham. Harley or scooter? Hilarious video

"We Will Remember".

Anthem for Fallen Heroes

The V-DUBS Live from Molly Mallone's in Los Angeles, CA, November 2nd 2008.

"The Way It Used To Be" written and performed by Jeanie Cunningham and Steve Altman.

All profits from the event was donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

It's A Dog Eat Dog World

(And A Puppy Don't Stand a Chance)

Jeanie Cunningham & HOTFOOT at the Troubadour, July 10, 1979

Have you ever considered making a living with your music doing corporate songs and jingles?

Jeanie performs at  Shaklee National Conference, Nashville

A Tribute to John Rhys

Jeanie Cunningham and Steve Altman's tribute to John Rhys of


- Soundcheck in The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA

Q: "Did you ever have any record industry people tell you that Spaghetti was not a good name?"

A: "They implied that they didn't like it..."