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The Composers Corner is a place where we interview music creators,
dissect songs, explore new gadgets and techniques,
and give you a window into the world of music creation...”

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The Composers Corner

Jeanie Cunningham's video introduction to The Composers Corner

"A window into the world of music creation"

The Composers Corner is designed to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire. It’s a place where students, aspiring musicians, and fans can learn about music from professionals.  Today, many schools, at all levels, lack a comprehensive music program. Because of that, The Composers Corner was set up to pick up the slack and introduce anyone who’s curious to the wonderful world of music.


Our videos, advice, tips and instruction will promote awareness of music in general, and give you an inside look into the music industry today. Indeed, it was our love of music, artists, and the creative process that motivated us to launch this program.


Whether you’re a student, a fan, or a budding musician, we think you’ll find something useful here. Something you can use to enrich your life and forge a career, if that’s what you want. We not only want you to appreciate music, we also want to give you the tools you need to achieve your dreams.


To do that, we tapped pros from every corner of the music industry. You’ll learn what motivated and inspired them to accomplish what they did.


You’ll find tips and tricks that you can use to help make your dreams a reality. You’ll also discover how to overcome obstacles and frustrations that occur in every artist’s life. Check out our interviews, advice, gadgets & gear and, of course Melody Lane, an in depth look at some of the most respected artists in the world.


Spend a little time in The Composers Corner, and you’ll start seeing music in a different way. You’ll find out what it takes to have a music career. We’ll investigate the  “How?” and “Why?” And, we’ll also give you insights that answer the ultimate question, “Now What?” 


Anyone interested in music will find The Composers Corner a safe haven, a place that welcomes you no matter what your interest or skill level. It’s a place you can call home, and become part of a community that actually accomplishes things. Spend some time with us and you’re likely to start doing something to achieve your dreams. That’s our mission and our hope for everyone.



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