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In the music business you often hear the phrase, “You’ve got to pay your dues.” While that may be true (to a certain extent), it doesn’t have to be painful, or last a long time. There are many ways to achieve your goals; and, with “Bernard’s Hot Tips” you’ll find shortcuts and reality checks that will make your “dues” go down easier.   


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Twenty-One Things Managers Look For


Did you ever wonder what takes to get a manager (a “real” manager) interested in you?  Well, The Composers Corner asked over a dozen top managers what they look for. We found their “Wish List” to be quite long. Of course, they admitted that most acts don’t have every characteristic or quality listed. But, they also said that they are more likely to go with those artists who meet most of their requirements.


1. Artists with Talent & Creativity 

2. Artists with a Unique Voice and Signature Sound  

3. Artists that want to be Very Successful (desire) 

4. Artists with a strong Work Ethic (ambition) 

5. Artists that have Passion & Drive  

6. Artists that are Great Live Performers 

7. Artists with Charisma & Star Power 

8.  Artists who are Patient but Persistent  

9. Artists who Believe in themselves 

10. Artists with a Strong (Marketable) Image 

11. Artists that are Knowledgeable about the Business (NOTE: This varies…)  

12. Artists that are good at Marketing & Promoting  

13. Artists that Listen… to their manager 

14. Artists that aren’t naïve or too trusting (NOTE: This varies…)  

15. Artists that are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES (within reason) 

16. Artists with good Morals and Values (NOTE: This varies…)

17. Artists who will Work as hard as their Manager 

18. Artists who treat people with Honesty and Respect – and are Loyal 

19. Artists who have a Positive Attitude (NOTE: This varies…) 

20. Artists who can take Criticism 

21. Artists who are Open Minded


By: Bernard Baur






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