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In the music business you often hear the phrase, “You’ve got to pay your dues.” While that may be true (to a certain extent), it doesn’t have to be painful, or last a long time. There are many ways to achieve your goals; and, with “Bernard’s Hot Tips” you’ll find shortcuts and reality checks that will make your “dues” go down easier.   


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Twenty Ways To Schmooze Journalists

Promo (press) Kits - Work Sheet

Press Release Tips

Seven Deadly Sins of Press Releases

Some people are intimidated by journalists and wouldn't think of approaching them. Savvy publicity hounds, however, aren't afraid to make the first move. Once journalists know you care, they will care about you … and maybe even write about you.

Here's a handy guide to schmoozing scribes:

1. Become familiar with their stories so you can discuss them.

2. Give them a media kit or background information they might find interesting.  

3. Talk about new trends you see in the industry.

4. Offer yourself as a resource for topics in which you are an expert.

5. Ask about other subjects they cover or stories they are working on.

6. Don't talk off the record. 

7. Ask about the journalists personal interests, family, hobbies.

8. Suggest story ideas. But DON’T ask them to write a story about you.

9. If they write about you, send a thank you note.

10. Mail a thank you note within 24 hours. 

11. Give them home telephone number, cell number and email. 

12. Pass along names of other people you know who would make good contacts.

13. Ask, "How else can I help you?"

14. Exchange business cards.

15. Don't grab the check. Either split it, or let them pay for your meal if they offer.

16. Keep in touch. Offer feedback on stories. Share news tips and story ideas.

17. Do lunch again in two to six months

18. If a journalist covers you in any way, do NOT ask them to send you a copy. That’s presumptuous and rude.  Call the company they work for and ask if you can get a copy – offer to buy it. 

19. Do NOT ask music journalists to listen to your music and give you an opinion. They don’t have time for that… Besides, they get PAID to do that. 

20. In the meantime, ask yourself: "Who else can I meet?"


By: Bernard Baur





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