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The Composers Corner

2003 - 2004


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- Lauren Wood and Steve Altman

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- Barry Goldberg, Harriet Schock and Sean Wiggins

Archives 3
- John Rhys and The Cherry Bluestorms (Deborah Gee & Glen Laughlin)

The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival 2008

John Rhys and The Cherry Bluestorms (Deborah Gee & Glen Laughlin) John Rhys



"The feelings I felt that first time I heard the blues, will never leave me. A young man, just come from England to a strange and different land where the only new friends were black people and their children, built a bridge in my heart. The loneliness disappeared and was replaced by a never ending love of all that is The Blues. The players, the history and the music have been an integral part of my life ever since and I'm sure will be until I die."
~John Rhys


The Cherry Bluestorms (Deborah Gee & Glen Laughlin)
Deborah Gee was having success placing songs from Portal, her A&M-funded solo album, in TV shows and films. She was looking for a guitarist to collaborate with, when she met Glen Laughlin at a coffeehouse.

Glen had been developing the non-standard tunings that are the signature of his style while playing and singing with punk pop legends The Dickies (A&M) and former The Pop frontman David Swanson (RCA).

The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival 2008


Song placements have replaced commercial radio today. It’s a new way for musicians and songwriters to get the exposure they need to break into the mainstream. In this video series, placement experts explain the ins and outs of the process and what artists need to do to get their songs placed.


Chris Violette – Music Supervisor

Art Ford – Song Placement Specialist

Michael Lloyd – Songwriter, Composer, Music Supervisor

Moderator: Bernard Baur, The Composers Corner &
Music Connection Magazine

PT 1

(1) How filmmakers choose music 

(2) What you need to do 

(3) The value of song placements


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